Photo of Donna, Chris, Anneka and Lorna in a team planning session at Impact Hub Birmingham
Donna, Chris, Anneka and Lorna in a team planning session at Impact Hub Birmingham

To get Active Citizens off to a great start in Dudley we put together a design and delivery team of people who had the right skills, knowledge and experience. Our team goals have included:

  • Finding and supporting people to co-design and start imaginative projects
  • Making our process and support visible through well designed resources
  • Making our strategy and approach visible by communicating it well
  • Raising the profile of people who get involved and their projects
  • Connecting people and projects so that the collective impact is much bigger than the sum of the individual impacts of each project alone

Read more about the team members, their contributions and roles below.

Dudley CVS officers

Lorna Prescott @dosticen

Lorna has been working with communities across Dudley borough for 19 years. Curious about how things work, she has spent the last few years learning about new kinds of projects which are making a difference to people’s lives. Lorna’s roles include co-ordinating the team, bringing experience of helping people to start great projects, and linking with the Police and other agencies interested in supporting people to transform the places they live in.

Donna Roberts @donna_m_roberts

Donna keeps hens, and started growing vegetables in her garden after being inspired by the Incredible Edible project. She knows loads of people and groups in Dudley, and has spent the last few years helping people in Wrens Nest and Coseley to start great projects where they live. You can’t help but feel excited about possibilities once you’ve met Donna! Donna is involved at the doing end of things, from connecting with local organisations and businesses to supporting project teams to bring their ideas to life.

Anneka Deva @annekadeva

Anneka has experience and knowledge we don’t often have access to. She has helped tech startups to grow their business, worked for an award-winning branding agency, and she founded TEDxBrum. All this followed her work with youth empowerment agency Envision, supporting 16-25 year olds to make a difference in society through social action projects (which included work with young people from Dudley). She bought great questions, supported our engagement activities, stencilled onto lots of blackboards and helped us think about what we were learning. Anneka was bought in as a part-time Associate, and left the team in August to start a full time role in. She is leaving us with a handy guide drawing together what she observed and learned during this work.

Photo of Daniel and Chris at their laptops
Daniel and Chris up to design things

In 2015 Chris and Daniel co-founded the strategic design agency Spaghetti to explore and test ways in which creative processes can help people to solve challenges facing society. Spaghetti has been introducing people of all ages and backgrounds to design approaches which can transform they way they go about projects and initiatives which have social impact.

Daniel Blyden @danielyep

Daniel is by far the calmest member of our team, bringing all sorts of creative skills and experience to everything we do in this work. He worked on the Activate Pack with Chris, and is the designer behind the fun and engaging look of our resources.

Chris Sadler @csadlerstudio

Chris knows what you need to think about and do if you want to start something which will make a difference. He led on the development of the Activate Pack and process, and is shaping the Initiate and Sustain processes and resources. Chris helps the team to think about the much wider connections and impact of Active Citizens.