There are all sorts of places and spaces to start projects right where we live. They will often need some little additions or changes to make them great places for projects. They need to be open to all, and feel friendly and welcoming.

The following are places and spaces we are or have been actively working with to host projects. If your group or organisation has a space people could use to start participatory projects – whether it’s a small room, a large kitchen or a bit of land outdoors that things could happen on, please do let us know.

Russells Hall: St Barnabas Church garden
Middlepark Road, Dudley, DY1 2LD


Dudley town centre: DY1 building and garden
Stafford Street, Dudley, DY1 1RT


Coseley: community centre building (previously the Youth Centre)
Old Meeting Road, Coseley, WV14 8HB


Wrens Nest: the Community Centre
Summer Road, Dudley DY1 3PD

Photo of Wrens Nest Community Centre