Photo of people talking around table at co-design session, others in the background measuring walls
Getting started in the co-design session

Following a call out on social media, 14 people came together on Thursday to generate ideas for ways we could transform a plain old meeting room into an inspiring space for people of all ages to learn, work, create and collaborate. After a round of introductions and a quick explanation of what the room might be used for, people organised themselves into smaller teams, led their own discussions and came up with their own tasks.

Anne, Catherine and Helena talked about colour schemes and created a mood board. Thom and Adam explored the functionality of the space, identifying 3 key uses and layouts; co-working, making projects and talk screenings. Neil, Esma and Luke measured and recorded the room dimensions. Guy and Helena talked deckchairs and scoured Pinterest to find interesting designs of wooden tables and folding chairs. Jane, Tracy and Jo shared ideas in response to questions which Daniel wrote on brown paper and stuck on the wall:

  • How would you like to feel as soon as you enter the room?
  • What makes a room feel like this for you?
  • What sorts of things would you like to use this space for?
  • How much time roughly would that take?
Photo of Ann, Catherine and Helena with magazines
Sourcing inspiration for mood boards

As the session drew to a close we agreed ways to keep sharing ideas: a WhatsApp group and Pinterest Board). The WhatsApp chat quickly filled with colour swatches and lighting ideas. It turns out that there is a Tumblr site of colour palettes from Wes Anderson films. Who knew? (Thank you for sharing Thom)

We talked about items and materials we wanted to source and bring in next week to make the transformation. These include:

  • Folding wooden chairs (like this) – we have 5 and need another 10
  • OSB board to make tables
  • Pallets to upcycle
  • Rag rug making materials
  • LED strip lights
  • Paint (we haven’t quite decided on accent colours yet)
  • Blackboard paint

If you have any of the above lurking around looking for a home and /or would like to join us in the creation of the Inspiration Lab between Monday 9 and Friday 13 January we’re at Gather, 65 High Street, Dudley. Pop in, have a cuppa, share your ideas and making skills. You can also add ideas online: comment here, tweet @aplaceto_ or head to our Facebook Page

Colour palette from The Darjeeling Limited, a Wes Anderson Film
Tape measures, timber and Wes Anderson palettes on Tumblr
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