Join us to design and create it!

The Inspiration Lab will be a home for all sorts of projects and activities, from crafts and making to talk screenings and co-working. We have a large room complete with 4 wonderfully blank walls and a small window, plus limitless imagination and people with all sorts of skills and talents.

Co-design session

On Thursday 5 January we will make mood boards, share all sorts of ideas, and make plans to transform a meeting room into an inspiring space for people of all ages to learn, work, create and collaborate. Bring your ideas, an open mind, a pair of scissors and a smile. If you have any old home or fashion magazines or catalogues, scrap paper, glue or sellotape we can use that would be great. Register to join the co-design session (1pm-3pm on 5 January at Gather, Dudley High St).

Check out our Pinterest boards and let us know about yours or any you’ve seen that might inspire us. Guy has made a Creative Spaces board and CoLab Dudley has started an Inspiration Lab board.

Co-creation days

Between Monday 9 and Friday 13 January we will run a one week sprint to transform a meeting room into an inspiring space for people of all ages to learn, work, create and collaborate. Drop in to help out for an hour, or stay all day, everyone is welcome. We imagine you’ll enjoy this if you have skills working with wood or fabrics (or would like to learn from others), visual arts and crafts, or interior design.

We will simultaneoulsy be developing our online presence, so branding and graphic design skills are also warmly welcomed.

It’s free to take part. Bring along any tools and materials you use for making and creating, from wood, hammers and saws to fabrics and paints, to laptops, paper and pens. If you have little ones with you feel free to bring toys, books and craft materials to keep them occupied too.  You can buy drinks and food from Gather coffee shop on the premises, or bring some with you.

Whether you plan to pop in, stay a while or make all day, we’d appreciate you registering to help our planning:

Register for Monday 9 January: co-creation day 1
Register for Tuesday 10 January: co-creation day 2
Register for Wednesday 11 January: co-creation day 3
Register for Thursday 12 January: co-creation day 4
Register for Friday 13 January: co-creation day 5 (the final push!)

We’re creating an Inspiration Lab in Dudley town centre!
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