Gather Sunday | Sunday 27 November | 11am-4pm | @ gather, Dudley High St

Gather Sunday is an invitation to share food, music and friendship. At the first gathering in October a total of 39 people came together. Some bought homemade soup, bread, casserole, cake and rice pudding. Two musicians played, pumpkins were carved, crocheting and book origami skills were shared, backgammon was taught and played and young people made list drawings. Gather Sunday is open to all, all ages, all backgrounds, all circumstances. Bring and share what you can. Find Gather on Facebook.

Dudley SOUP | Thursday 1 December | 6.30-9.30pm | @ DY1, Stafford St, Dudley

Dudley SOUP is a fun, grassroots micro-funding dinner. Creative community projects are supported through shared meals. Project proposals have been submitted for this second dinner, and four selected to make short pitches on the night. On arrival people are asked to make a small donation (£5 is suggested) and are given a voting spoon and dinner. After the secret spoon ballot the project idea with the most votes takes home the funds raised on the door. At the first Dudley SOUP dinner Guy Holness from the UP-Cycle Shop took home £321. Register to take part in Dudley SOUP #2.

Trade School Dudley | Friday 9 and Saturday 10 @ gather, Dudley High St

Trade School is great way of sharing skills and talents. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. You ‘pay’ for class with a small barter item (like food, supplies, or advice). Sign up for December classes at www.tradeschool.coop/dudley

Friday 9 December

Hooked on Crochet (4.30pm-6.00pm)
Starting with the basic chain stitch, Jane will provide all you need to give it a go and bring along some books to inspire you to learn more.

Operation UP-Cycle (6.00pm-7.00pm)
Guy will share some basic UP-Cycling ideas on how to make a variety of wooden craft items.

Saturday 10 December 

Bilingual Lingo! (12pm-1pm)
Learn how to say some simple friendly helpful phrases in English and Polish from Danny.

Festive Folding (2.00pm-3.00pm)
Jane will show you how to use simple paper-folding techniques to create Christmas tree or floral table decorations using old paperback books.

Christmas Crafternoon (3.00pm-4.00pm)
Get that festive feeling with these Christmas crafts that anyone can do and are lovely to share.

Learning to look at: Modern Art (4.00pm-5.30pm)
Ever been confused by works of art? Janet will guide a discussion around the language of art and the differences between looking, seeing and perceiving.

Coming up: Gather Sunday, Dudley SOUP and Trade School Dudley
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