Trade School is great way of sharing skills and talents. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. Learners ‘pay’ for class with a small barter item, such as food, supplies, advice or an offer to teach a class in future.

Trade School Dudley classes will take place on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December. If you or any of your family or friends have a skill or talent to share and would like to teach a class we’d love to hear from you. There’s a simple form here which asks everything we need to know.

If you’d rather come along to learn we’ve already got some great classes lined up. Jane will be back to help Demystify Crochet, Janet is offering a class on Learning to look at: ‘Modern’ Art (cracking the code), Guy is planning something hands on and creative, Karl will get you cooking, and Donna will show you how to make some brilliant Christmassy things.

Classes will take place at Gather on Dudley High Street between 4pm and 7pm on Friday 9 December and between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 10 December. Keep an eye on this blog, our Facebook Page or twitter feed for updates.

Teach a Trade School Dudley class!
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