Esma, Nathan, Ruth and Marius in an Activate workshop

The 15 people who came along to the two Activate sessions last week told us that they really enjoyed the positivity, learning about different ideas, and meeting and connecting with likeminded and interesting people. Four of the fabulous ideas being bought to life are starting in and around Dudley town centre. There are all sorts of opportunities to bring your skills, knowledge and talents to them and to join the teams which may seek a little support from the Active Citizens fund to sustain the projects.

Trade School Dudley

Trade School Dudley was successfully tested in July this year and a number of people involved are keen to keep the project going. Trade School is open to all. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at or passionate about. You ‘pay’ for class with a barter item (like food, supplies, or advice) that your teacher requests. Trade School Dudley classes in July ranged from keeping urban chickens, to learning to crochet, to visual recording of meetings and events.

People interested in teaching a class will be meeting up for an hour at 10.30am on Thursday 13 October in Dudley. Do join us if you are interested or would like to know more. Sign up on Eventbrite.

Incredible Edible Dudley 

Incredible Edible is a network of people who have created vegetable plots in all sorts of unlikely places in their villages, towns and cities. People have started plots on council and church land, in pub gardens and even in castle moats! In May this year a few eager growers made a start on some land next to the DY1 building on Stafford Street in Dudley. They have grown the most incredible tomatoes, potates and brocolli, along with shallots and herbs.

If you’d like to start growing vegetables in public spaces or open plots just do it!

If you’d like to get together with a few people to plan ways to get more people being Incredible join us for a cuppa and a think on Tuesday 4 October at 10am. Perhaps we could apply to the Active Citizens fund to get some Incredible Edible signs and seeds. Sign up on Eventbrite. Drinks are on us!

Abundance Dudley

All over the UK, people have started harvesting gluts of unwanted fruit in their area. Welcome to Abundance! There are no age restrictions – all ages are welcome.  People can come alone, bring family, kids, grand-children. People can come along once and see if they enjoy it. It’s completely free.

Penny has spotted lots of trees in Dudley with fruit ready for picking. Join her to plan how we could start an Abundance project in Dudley. Sign up on Eventbrite. Drinks are on us. We’d love to meet you.

Gather Sundays

This is an idea from the team behind Gather Dudley, a social enterprise which will be opening a beautiful coffee shop on Dudley High Street in October. Gather Sundays will be a monthly invitation for people to come together and share soup, bread and salad. The project team particularly want to welcome people who are homeless and families in vulnerable situations, along with anyone who likes the idea of communal meal. Everyone can contribute and all contributions will be valued, from helping make food, spreading the word, welcoming / hosting, providing entertainment or art, bringing food to share or helping clear up.

This project idea will be tested for the first time on 23 October. If you can help spread the word, or would like to come along on 23 October let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the team. (Or if you’re on twitter you can find them on twitter @gatherdudleycic)

4 fabulous ideas being bought to life in Dudley

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